Monday , 28 July 2014
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The Solar Industry: Fact Check

Solar Technology

On Tuesday, July 8, Seeking Alpha published the following piece of news through its “Breaking News” service: Source: Seeking I have previously mentioned that the solar industry news sources need to be double-checked. Therefore, I decided to dig further into this particular news piece to see whether it had any basis. Note that the update at the bottom of ... Read More »

Apple Solar Frenzy: Benefiting Shareholders and the Planet Alike


Apple (AAPL) is known for its promise to consume electricity from 100% renewable energy sources. Apple’s 2014 Environmental Responsibility Report reported that Apple is now running on 73% renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal). If we exclude the retail outlets than Apple is running on 94% renewable energy. Recently, Apple announced that it had signed a deal to set ... Read More »

Thoughts About SolarCity Upstream Adventure


Three weeks ago, SolarCity (SCTY) announced it is acquiring Silevo, a small U.S.-based solar module manufacturer. The move was similar to the one taken by Elon Musk when he announced Tesla’s Gigafactory plans. As everybody knows, the plans are to move Tesla into battery manufacturing and drastically reduce its manufacturing costs. If we further examine Musk’s way of thinking, it ... Read More »