Tuesday , 6 December 2016
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Xiaomi: Copying Apple’s DNA?


Xiaomi is a rising star in the smartphone market. I believe Apple (AAPL) shareholders should be completely aware of this Chinese-based company, which might be soon an actual threat to Apple’s smartphone business.. Being a long-term shareholder should involve constantly looking around the competitive landscape to see if anyone is crawling up to threaten any competitive advantage. Apple’s biggest competitive ... Read More »

GT Advanced Technologies: Philip A. Fisher’s 15 Points Analysis


For those of you who don’t know Phillip A. Fisher, I urge you to get to know one of the most important investment thinkers, who, in my opinion, stands in the same line with Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffet, and Peter Lynch. In 1958, Fisher published “Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits“, which was to become the bible of many professional investors around ... Read More »

The Solar Industry: Reality Check 2.0

Solar Technology

A few weeks ago I published a reality check that consisted of connecting the dots around the fast-moving solar industry. Once again I offer you my take on the recent news and happenings on the solar industry, which should allow us to connect the dots anew and have a solid view into the rest of 2014. To read my past ... Read More »